Safety First

A strong germicidal effect is provided by the Light in the short-wave UVC band. Erythema (reddening of the skin) and conjunctivitis (inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eye) can be caused by this form of Light. Because of this, when germicidal UV-Light lamps are used, we need to ensure 100% safety.

  • Ensure all electric wires are ok
  • Operator to wear proper PPE namely:
    • Rubber Insulated hand gloves for electric safety
    • Complete PPE to avoid any exposure of skin
    • UV Protected eye glasses
    • Face shield
    • Proper covered shoes
  • When the UV Light is on, nobody should be in the room other than the operator with 100% PPE.
  • Do not look into the UV Lights as they are harmful to the eye. UV Light should not fall on any human part. Even while wearing safety glasses, do not look directly into the UV Light.
  • If Tubelight breaks during usage, immediately evacuate room and open the windows. The tubelight has to be cleaned with 100% care as per norms.
  • Switch off the UV Lights and store trolley in a safe place to avoid misuse.
  • If moving on a ramp, switch off the lights. Ensure one person is on the front & one person on the rear. Move the trolley very slowly.