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Warehouse Equipment Wood Packaging Division
Drum Handling & Gas Storage Drum Handling & Gas Storages
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Group of Companies

Mekins Group has various divisions all running independently managed by a professional team always looking at new horizons. The various business heads are:

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Manufacturing Division

a) Agricultural Equipments: Mekins with technical collaborations with world's leading research Organisations has successfully executed global contracts worth millions of dollars.
b) Material Handling & Retail Storage Equipments: Mekins today has the best of infrastructural facilities to manufacture various kind of steel pallets & retail storage equipments in order to satisfy global giants. Mekins has integrated its manufacturing facilities in order to give complete customer satisfaction. Mekins was also awarded ''THE FIRST NATIONAL QUALITY AWARD'' by the Hon'ble President of India.

International Consultancy Division - Mekins Group of Companies Image

International Consultancy Division
Mekins is very active in providing global consultancy in the field of Agriculture, Irrigation, Water Treatment / Management / Distribution, Waste Management & Health Care.
Mekins Constructions - Mekins Group of Companies India


With the real estate market booming in India, Mekins has been very active in the real estate industry. Mekins today has two projects
(60,000 sq.ft.) successfully completed in the heart of Hyderabad city with large International Banks as its neighbours.

Mekins Exports Division - Mekings Group of Companies Image

Exports Division
Mekins is a leading exporter of a wide spectrum of goods and services under World Bank Aided Projects. Mekins Exports Division is very active in Russia and C.I.S Countries with offices in Russia & Tajikistan. Mekins has also supplied goods to other countries like Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Cambodia and the list goes on.
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