Plain Pallets & Roll Cages

Plain Pallet
(Omega Construction)

Code: Mapl/MH/023
Capacity: 500kgs
Approx. Size: 1000L x 950W x150mm ht.

Plain Pallet
(Corrugated Construction)

Code: Mapl/MH/024
Capacity: 900kgs
Approx. Size: 1200L x 1000W x 150mm ht.

Narrow Aisle Shelf Trolley

Code: Mapl/MH/025
Approx. Size: 1180L x 700W x 1870mm ht.
Finish: Bright Electro Zinc Plated

Roll Cage Container (With front door)

Code: Mapl/MH/026
Finish: Bright Electro Zinc Plated

Plain Roll Container

Code: Mapl/MH/027
It is made of steel base and detachable tubular steel sides with welded rods.
Approx. Size: 800L X 770W X 1870mm ht.
Capacity: 250 kgs UDL

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