Better Lives-Human Capital Development

At Mekins, we are trying to create a workplace where people belong, have positive impact and take pride in the company which we are transforming together. It’s an energetic workplace where people are passionate about packaging.

At Mekins, we put the Customer First. We always encourage people to interact with different teams. Collaborating across teams always helps to build on our strengths and diversity, and work towards our shared goal.

“To continue the journey to provide cost effective solutions in the World of Transport Packaging, we need to get the very best people. Keeping this in mind, we at Mekins always focus on developing our employees & attracting the best talent. We intend to crease a working environment where people belong, have positive impact & take pride which is the core of our HR Strategy. We succeed sometimes, we fail sometimes. We always celebrate our success & learn from the failures. We also collaborate to improve & move further. Our inclusive environment facilitates learning & improving.”

– Mayank Agarwal, General Manager & Head of Sustainability

We are able to do the above by a structured process:

  • Talent Management
  • Employee engagement
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Equal remuneration
  • Leadership and Development

More details of this can be found in the Sustainability Report: Sustainability Report

Human rights

At Mekins, we work with integrity which is the core of all our activities & purpose. Respecting human rights is the epicentre of our decision making. Our commitment to human rights is not limited to our operations but we also widen the horizon to our supply chain & areas where we might have an influence. Any policy & procedure being formulated gets due consideration to the human rights angle. As we work with large companies, we also learn from them on how to further protect human rights in addition to the prevalent laws of the land.

We cover the below under this section:

  • Human rights risk assessment
  • Living wages
  • Social responsibility in our supply chain
  • Child Labour, Forced Labour & Human Trafficking

More details of this can be found in the Sustainability Report: Sustainability Report

Safety at work

Since the very inception, our company gives very high priority on the health & safety of the people across our units. We commit ourselves to provide a safe & a healthy work environment.

More details of this can be found in the Sustainability Report: Sustainability Report

Mekins Sustainability Declaration document also covers important aspects of Safety at Workplace – Suitability Declaration

Health & Safety KPI’s monitored at our end

Management system

Health and wellbeing initiatives

We give strong emphasis to provide an injury-free workplace, we also support our employees with their health and wellbeing. Examples of initiatives which support active health management include:

  • Health Checks
  • Health Insurance
  • Yoga Sessions & Yoga Videos
  • Mental Health Webinar

More details of this can be found in the Sustainability Report: Sustainability Report

Acting with integrity

In 2018, Mekins revised the code of conduct which we call the Integrity code

Our Integrity code includes the below:

  • Our commitment to act with 100% integrity. This is a non-negotiable code across the organization.
  • The integrity code is simple which the employee can understand & apply for daily work
  • Integrity code will be reviewed on a yearly basis because of the changing world and better principles will be adopted.
  • Guides us to make the right decisions
  • This has 100% commitment from the top leadership
  • It also throws light on how we behave in the external world and how we treat each other during business transactions.

The detailed Integrity Code can be found in the below link: Integrity Code

Employee Engagement:

Our company organises various events to engage our employees. They range from sporting events to family bonding events to conferences.

The most recent one is the annual cricket tournament which takes place across departments & factories.

Also the annual Dussehra Celebrations across our factories is some thing which enables us to bond the entire Mekins Family: